Flexible Photovoltaic Materials

Soluxra’s photovoltaic product line has multiple exciting and ground-breaking projects under development. We are currently working on creating printable electronic materials for PV and concomitant device development. Some of these projects include designing and developing inexpensive, practical solutions for portable solar applications so that power can be generated truly independent from the grid. What does this mean? With Soluxra’s innovative materials, truly reliable and efficient power can be harnessed even in the most remote locations. With our development plan and the milestones we have reached, Soluxra is on schedule to potentially go to market with a prospective commercial manufacturer partner in the next 3 years.

Soluxra is also developing photovoltaic devices with radiation-hardened materials for application in nanosatellites. Over the past few years, hundreds of these satellites have been launched. Essential in the current information age, these nanosatellites gather data, as well as inspect and report on larger satellites. A continuing challenge in this field is the ability to provide reliable power in the harsh conditions of space, while still maintaining the flexibility, small form and lightweight capabilities necessary for these satellites to function properly. Soluxra is seen as a leader in this area, as our materials expertise is essential to developing a better solution to handle this growing market. For more information concerning our exciting research, please feel free to Contact Us.