Electro-Optic Polymers

Internet traffic has increased dramatically in the past several years, with no end in sight. Data is being collected and transmitted from a wide variety of systems including medical device monitoring, sensors on crops, home security, and many others. This move toward “the internet of things” on top of huge growth in video content, is taxing current data transmission and storage technologies.

Soluxra’s electro-optic polymers provide exciting new high performance components that enable innovative solutions to these challenges. Since its initial launch in 2010, the strong partnership between Soluxra and the University of Washington Jen group has provided the company a competitive edge to achieve key milestones set for the development of high performance EO polymers and devices.

The company’s main focus in this area is aimed at developing high-performance EO polymers to address the requirements of a broad spectrum of EO devices, and obtain efficient modulation with low driven voltage and a small device footprint. Successful deployment of these EO polymers can significantly enhance the performance of many photonic technologies with high-bandwidth, small-footprint, and low-energy consumption. To date, Soluxra has led the development of a series of high-performance EO polymers for inclusion in advanced photonic devices for telecomm, optical computing and defense applications. For more information please Contact Us.